Cell activation technology


One treatment using water and gel is 46minutes. treatment speed is Dependent on the client's the level of conduction. the treatment takes more time at lower conduction levels which always ensures a complete treatment.

Micro/Nano current has been studied and known for Pain management used for various like, cuts, burns, bruised and other sports injuries for a fast recovery for many decades before it was developed for the esthetic field.
By releases the muscular intensity tightness and stress hormones level in the brain. Also, many show that while penetrating these currents in the face and neck, the Alfa-wave level becomes higher in the brain. Therefore Sleeping patterns can be improved and heals our mind and body. We have more than a few hundreds of cases of feeling peaceful and happier after the treatment of Cellulam. We promote to help to create not only physical beauty and health but also the peaceful confidence non-invasively and most effective for long term benefits.